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The peach and green building on West Harbor Street is a one-stop store.  Often referred to as Port Mansfield's Mall, its given name is Harbor Bait & Tackle.

Harbor Bait & Tackle was established in 1984 as two portable buildings with dirt floors.  Its owned by Gary & Sybil Simmons who came to Port Mansfield to help Gary's parents operate the Mansfield Marina.  

Soon, with money saved from shrimping the bay for the Marina, they purchased their own water front property and started Harbor Bait & Tackle.  As business grew they continued to build and remodel Harbor Bait & Tackle into the thriving business it is today.

In 2001, the construction of the new building and condos above were completed.  That's when Sybil started a small company called Y-Knot Rentals with 14 rental properties. She started out small and in 2005 acquired 40 more rental properties. Sybil has grown and built up Y-Knot Rentals, LLC to what it is today.

Both businesses have a following of clientele that has seen this family and business grow for the past 33 years to what it is today.

Harbor Bait & Tackle sells just about anything a fishing enthusiast needs including lures and fresh bait and it keeps a good supply of groceries, prepared foods, clothing and other sundries.  Located at the back of the store are several tanks for keeping live bait, a large deck and boat slips.

Live bait is always a hard find during the summer months.  They bay fishermen that use live bait (shrimp or croaker) keep our reservation list full.  The shop's live bait is provided by the Y-Knot II which regularly trawls the shallow waters of the Lower Laguna Madre.  But when we cant catch enough in our bay system, we rely on the boats in Port Isabel to fill our orders.  But despite our best efforts sometimes mother nature's fury or the regulations of the Texas Parks & Wildlife can prevent us from meeting demand.  We have offshore baits like ribbon fish, squid, mackerel, sardines, thread herring, and artificial baits.

Y-KNOT RENTALS 818 Mansfield Rd Unit 121 Port Mansfield, TX 78598 (956)944-2575 harbor@granderiver.net

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